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The biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis within itself contradicts everything Christian’s state, and/or believe to be true, about God.  If He/She were omniscient, He/She would have already known the outcome of creating Adam and Eve, the universe, and the entire human species before creating it– thereby eliminating the need for Earth, animals, plants, humans, etc.  The only necessity would have been Heaven.

He/She would also have known before leaving the Garden of Eden that “Satan,” disguised as a talking snake, would coax Eve into trying a piece of fruit from the forbidden tree.  (Of course, this is assuming that omniscience implies clairvoyance– which, why wouldn’t it?  Doesn’t knowing everything include knowing the past, present, and future?)  Therefore, if God were simultaneously omnipotent, He/She would have gone and killed the snake (“Satan”) so as to eliminate the threat to his beloved creation, which He/She surely would have done if He/She really is omnibenevolent.

Which, why would Satan exist anyway?  If God is omnipotent, He/She could have destroyed Satan when he rose against Him/Her.  Besides that– being omniscient, wouldn’t God have known not to create Satan in the first place?  It would have eliminated the need for such a war later on.  Why would there even be a war?  Why let His angels fight and die for him, when He’s powerful enough to do anything?  Don’t try to say that God didn’t create Lucifer and the angels, either, because aren’t believers the ones who say that God created the entire universe and everything in it?

And if Satan doesn’t exist, then why would Hell exist?  God could certainly destroy it, and if He/She were omnibenevolent, He/She wouldn’t want any of his creations to go to Hell anyway, regardless of anything they had done.  And if God were omnipotent, He/She could have just made each and every creation be inherently good like Him/Her, thereby eliminating the need for Hell, Satan, or a test in the first place.

If God were omniscient, there would be no need for a “plan.”  He/She could simply think about making a plan.  Let’s get in God’s head for a moment.  “If I were to create a planet, some stars, and some creatures called ‘people’… then forbade them to do something… XXX would happen.  Then, a few thousand years later, after several million of them had died in a giant flood intent on wiping out evil, the inbred descendents of the two initial humans (one of which was created from mere dust, the other from the rib of the first) would start an atheistic movement specifically to disprove me, just because I provided no evidence of my existence.  Then, because I spiritually impregnated a virgin girl and bore a son, who later would die for the humans so that all they would have to do to get into Heaven is to believe in Him (and accept Him as their Lord and Savior), all of the atheists, and people who worshipped other false gods rather than me, would inevitably be sent to burn in Hell and then, later on, be thrown into an eternal lake of fire along with Satan and his followers (the Demons).”

But, you see, if God is omnibenevolent and omniscient, He/She would have theoretically just said, “Okay, I won’t put all of those souls through that.  We’ll just stay up here in Heaven.”

Perhaps He/She didn’t know?  (Which, by the way, would discount the entire argument of a God with those coexisting factors.)  Then, being omnibenevolent and omnipotent, He/She would have stopped the snake from talking to Eve.  He/She would’ve stopped people from dying.  Being omnibenevolent alone would keep He/She from sending any soul to an eternal (forever!) “resting place” that consists of fire, torment, pain, and misery.  Being omnipotent, He/She would have stopped Satan from existing.  Being omniscient, He/She would have known not to create Satan in the first place, to destroy him/her before he/she started so many problems, or to just make sure that when He/She created Lucifer that He/She made him/her inherently good as well.

Then again, what is the point of God’s supposed existence?  If He/She knew everything, there would be no point for Him/Her to create anything because He/She would already know every future thought, action, or outcome of their existences, be they alive or not.  He/She would constantly be alone, because, knowing everything, it’d be impossible to form a “new” thought.  Even if different omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent beings existed to keep Him/Her company, there’d be no point because all of them would know what the others were thinking or doing– constantly.

Some would say, “That’s why He gave us free will!  To keep things interesting!”  Firstly, if you really had free will, He/She would always know what every single human, dog, cat, mouse, sheep, etc. were doing or thinking (this I say because you all say that God is omniscient).  But, because He/She lay down a law that needs to be followed but for the eternal fiery punishment, you have to do what He/She says.  If God exists– WE DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL.  And if God were inherently good, He/She wouldn’t have created trillions of souls (possibly more) just to put them through a test so they could each come to a similar or different conclusion that He/She already knew they would each come to.

Of course, if we are to believe in the existence of God, we must ask ourselves how He/She came to be.  We all acknowledge that something cannot come from nothing.  God had to learn “everything” from something, right?  God had to be taught how to be good from something, right?  Or is He/She the only thing that has ever existed and will exist indefinitely?  What a miserable existence for God!  How old is He/She now, anyway?  At the very least, a few thousand years old.  We, as mere humans, can barely conceive one hundred years in our feeble minds.  Can you imagine a divine mind with constant existence?  If He/She were intelligent, knowing everything there ever could be a possibility of knowing, and having no point in company or creations or anything, and never being able to just be finished?  Able to die?

If by some small miniscule chance that He/She exists, I pity God!  At least we all have something to look forward to!  At least we can have regret, at least we can constantly evolve and change!  At least we can strive to become great and live a meaningful life before our existence is cut short!  Can God do that?  He/She has no need to strive for anything!  No need to have a meaningful life/existence, because who would see it?  Who would marvel at it?  Us?  We will eventually be extinct, and even if there is an afterlife– do you think we will be any different than we are now?  I cannot imagine myself being a servant to anyone or anything– especially not for eternity, in an afterlife in which it is impossible for me to die.  Impossible to change.

Remember that change is the only constant.  If there is no end, then what is the point of living?  We must embrace the nothingness that consists of our inevitable deaths.  If we don’t, we have nothing to live for now.  What, you want to live for God?  God already knows everything about you.  What you did yesterday, what you will do tomorrow…what you’re thinking right now.  So why would He/She care?  If God exists, He/She already knows the outcome.  So what is the point?

I loved Albus Dumbledore’s line at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  “Do not pity the dead, Harry.  Pity the living.”  I thought it was ingenious.  However, why would anyone pity us for having life?  For existing?!  It makes absolutely no sense.  I do pity the dead, because their existence is over.  They will not come back, and the great philosophers, musicians, scientists, and artists of the past are not here to see the new, and to see their work studied in great universities around the world.  Quite frankly, though, I’m glad we don’t live forever.  Can you imagine how boring it would be to live forever?  Nothing changing, nothing evolving, and knowing that there is no end?  It would be horrible!  Knowing there is an inevitable end gives us a reason to strive to be the best we can possibly be now.  We aren’t living for the afterlife– we are living for life.  Make it count!  This is your only time to live!  So live!  Live!  LIVE!


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  1. Hi Jessica, the story of Adam, Eve, the creation of the world etc is not original and it's not "the word of God". It's the 're-telling of an older story found in the Babylonian manuscript 'Enuma Elish' which in turn is a newer version of an yet older book - the Sumerian 'Atra Hasis'. Christians will never admit it because none of them knows it. Yet facts are facts. And reading the original story gives quite the different picture, to say the least.
    And let's not even get started on how Christianity came into existence itself, that's a whole other 'creation' altogether. The point is, people like you and I are trying to have a logical fact-based argument with people armed with nothing but blind faith the basis of which is the source of all ignorance - the bible. Our arguments are based on critical thinking and historical facts. Their defense of the bible is the bible itself. Enough said...