Tuesday, December 13

God, Satan, & Job

First, let me just make clear the fact that I have not read the "Holy" Bible. I have read various passages, yes, but not the entire thing. Nor have I read the Book of Job. However, I have recently read an article with a very thorough summary of the book called "Theodicies in the Book of Job" by Adam J. Smargon. To clarify, in case you do not know the story of Job, here it is.
Basically, to my understanding, Satan asks God to test Job's loyalty after hearing God brag endlessly about Job's faith. God says yes, so long as Job's life is spared with this "test". Then, Job loses everything he has, but doesn't curse his "Heavenly Father". Following this, Job is smote head to toe with boils by Satan. Job's friends and even his wife tell him basically to screw God because He obviously doesn't care about Job. Job tells them off. One of his friends asks him if he did something wrong, but Job hasn't done anything to deserve punishment. Someone else mentions that God may be "disciplining" Job to prevent possible future sins. Later on, because Job kept having faith in God, God basically curses Job's friends and wife and shows Job off to all the angels. And.... SCENE!

This personally sounds like a huge action movie or something. But why the hell was God even conversing with Satan in the first place?

Smargon brought up some great questions:

"Why is God not there for Job when he loses everything?" Yeah, God- where were you? Oh, right. You were in Hell with Satan, laughing your ass off because you proved Satan wrong.

"Does God get some strange, masochistically perverse pleasure in torturing Job?" Sure sounds like it to me. But then again, I'm no preacher- so how would I know?

"Why would He test and stretch Job's condition solely on a dare from Satan?" This is the best question. God supposedly knows everything, right? So shouldn't He know that He would prove Satan wrong, and just tell him that, instead of trying to prove it? Why try to prove it, anyway? If He knows everything, He should know not to care what anyone else thinks- especially the best representation of pure evil in the universe. What the crap, God? If You love everybody, why would You do this to Job?
I also made some other notes after reading this article. If God is all good, and Satan is completely bad, don't they hate each other? Oh, but they couldn't though, could they- because God is good.  Even though Satan tries to hurt God's "children", God doesn't hate Satan.  And I'm pretty sure that Satan would hate God for the whole planning-to-destroy-him thing in the Book of Revelations.  But then again, it is a scientific fact that opposites attract.  Would this be the same for "supreme beings" though?

Like I said, the summaries of Job that I've read make the whole thing sound more like an action movie or some sort of elaborate science/religious-fiction novel.  "Divine being consorts with the Devil to test His most 'beloved' subject."
Makes total sense, right?  NOT!

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