Tuesday, March 26

Prop 8 & SCOTUS

I am so sick of hearing that the SCOTUS shouldn't even be hearing about Prop 8. It is the duty of the SCOTUS to monitor the constitutionality of all state laws. And even though California voters decided to pass Prop 8, it is STILL unconstitutional. The fact that they voted in favor of the ban means absolutely nothing because this country is NOT a democracy. It is a republic whose interests have always been (and should REMAIN) to protect the RIGHTS of minorities from the TYRANNYof the majority. If the majority of the country voted that we should bring back human sacrifice for religious purposes because they believed that god spoke to them & commanded it, there is NO way in hell it would pass because it endangers the freedom of the minority. Same concept.

Another thing: those of you who are going on about "gays can just get a civil union! It's the same thing!" are seriously deluded. Need I remind you of Brown v. Board? Blacks were forced to use separate bathrooms, entrances to movie theaters, water fountains, seats on public buses, etc. It had previously been ruled that "separate, if equal, is constitutional." However, it was brought to the attention of the SCOTUS that separate was, in fact, NOT equal- and the EXACT SAME CONCEPT applies here. Civil unions are NOT equal to marriage, because A) legal rights are not the same and B) Saying "we're legal partners!" does not hold the same meaning socially as "we're married!" and EVERYBODY knows that.

Prop 8 and any other ban on marriage equality is just another way for religious people to try and enforce their religious "morality" on the entire country- which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There is absolutely no reason aside from homosexuality being "against god" for marriage equality to not already exist. And quit saying "it's unnatural!" That argument is old, has been debunked, and officially makes you sound like an uneducated idiot. Go read a scientific journal and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES.

*rant over*

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